*** Gualdi Cotidianidades: Blackout 2003: 10 Years Later - 10 años después del apagón del 2003
It is hard to believe that 10 years ago, a blackout hit not only my home city London, Ontario but also other cities in Canada and some states in USA. The blackout left about 54 million people without power for a few days. 

I was returning from the summer camp with my kids; at the intersection of Quebec St. and Mornington Ave. the traffic lights were crazy and try to cross the road was very difficult. Arriving at home we planned to make a BBQ, as our place was always filled with friends...

My husband and kids went to the nearest Mac's store to buy some tuna cans, bread and MILK before there were sold out. It was an smart move from them because later on, all the supermarkets were closed and no one restaurant was able to sell meals as they didn't have gas stoves or electric power plants. That was soooo different from my Colombia were business not only have energy backups but people is so proactive that in order to provide food for customers they are totally creative. In the 90's we experienced a year with scheduled blackouts due a long dry season that left the country without much energy reserves. It was fun! I miss those "apagones"... Those "apagones" gave to my country the opportunity to return to family activities, to slow down our fast-pace lives and to enjoy priceless moments surrounded by our loved ones. It also brought alive new sources of informal economy, radio programs such as La Luciernaga, and proved that Colombian people are resilient. We, who witnessed such time, have the privilege of great memories!!!

Back to London, Ontario... 10 years ago, the neighbours told us that this was no an ordinary blackout and that we could be in the dark for a while. The phone networks were still working, so we called some friends and family, although we didn't know that the blackout affected USA too. Now I try to remember whether my mom was traveling in USA or not. 

It’s amazing to know that this blackout happened 10 years ago when the concept of social media was not too much developed as it is today. I think that if the blackout were to happen today, it would be soooooo different given the new technologies.

 So that were my stories when the "apagones" happenned in Colombia in 1092-93... 
... and when the blackout happened in 2003!!! ... What about you? ... 
Where were you when the darkness took over?

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